17.5 micron Organic Merino Roving “Streaker 1”


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17.5 micron Organic Merino "Streaker 1" OMR2307

17.5 micron Organic Merino “Streaker 1”

“Streaker 1” combed top with brick coloured streaks throughout the blue and green roving. Beautiful soft hand-dyed organic merino 4 oz, 17.5 microns. Ideal for spinning or felting.  One braid of  hand dyed roving.  Each roving is unique and not 100% repeatable. This roving is not superwash so it can also be used for felting. The undyed fiber takes acid dyes beautifully and is extremely popular. Knitted yarns have great stitch definition and drape.  My rovings are dyed with professional non-toxic acid dyes, light and washfast, steam fixed.   ($7.00 flat rate shipping per order to Canada, $15.00 flat rate to US.  No tax.)


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