Ravelry – October & Updates to Site

Ravelry – October & Updates to Site

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Well we survived all the ‘windows 10’ updates but not without a few problems. Hopefully things are now starting to return to normal. I’ll spare you any further comments on this except to say this had better not happen again microsoft or this person will quickly convert to Apple.

Bump of the Month

Ravelry Bump of the Month for October is called “All Hallows’ Eve”.  The green and purple was suggested by one of the participants in the Colour Study, Spin-along Group. The tops have all been sent out to participants.

All Hallows' Eve

“All Hallows’ Eve”

Website additions

So I added a few more tops/roving to the site today. The first one has some lovely raspberry colours in it. The other one is called “Sun on the Moor”. I admit that might be a rare site on the moors but I was feeling rather optimistic this morning. “Mural” is all shades of green. Green used to be one of my favourite colours.  I am tending towards purples and blues now.

"Sun on the Moor"

“Sun on the Moor”

"Ripe Berries" Organic Merino 17.5 micron

“Ripe Berries” Organic Merino 17.5 micron

Organic Merino 17.5 micron Mural

Organic Merino
17.5 micron







Posted a few new dish towels that I finally finished hemming. I particularly love the colour combination of turquoise and purples. Right now on the loom I just finished winding an alternating medium blue and natural warp and I’m weaving the towels in medium blue in plain weave with a lacey detailed band on each one. This will go relatively quickly as it is only a 10 yards warp so I have to concentrate on planning the next warp. Feeling urge to do something wild and crazy and it’s not even February yet. Cabin fever strikes early this year.

Huck Lace Dish Towels -Turquoise

Huck Lace Dish Towels -Turquoise

Turquoise pinstripe dish towels in plain weave

Turquoise pinstripe dish towels in plain weave

Purple and Turquoise Pinstripe Dish Towels

Purple and Turquoise Pinstripe Dish Towels

Dyed Tops

I thought I might practice making a mirror dyed top for those who would like to spin a gradient single or 2 ply yarn. I’d like to make a shawl or a scarf in a gradient.  I just haven’t decided what colours yet. I could do something like yellow to blue or perhaps a red to maroon or a blue to purple, or, or, or. I think you see the problem here.


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