Our Trek Across Canada 2017

Our Trek Across Canada 2017

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Our Trek Across Canada 2017

Home – South Dundas, On

As you may already know, Don and I sold our hobby farm in January of 2017.  It was a huge decision. Life unfortunately was catching up to us. The land mass was too large for us to continue to maintain and winters were taxing. With Don already retired and me approaching retirement in the next year or so it was time to downsize and find ourselves. Where did we want be? What did we want to do? We both still wanted to be on the farm but realistically we needed to make a change while we were still able to do it ourselves. Our first plan was to take a trip across Canada to visit family.

Wedding Bells

One of my nieces was getting married in August. However she and my sister and 3 other nieces lived in Alberta. With the new owner not taking possession until May, it gave us some time to organize and sell extra possessions. We had bought an RV in 2015 with the plan to take a holiday out west one summer. So we decided this was to be the summer. I retired from my part time job in April. We decided not to look for a place until we came back from out west as it would only complicate an already busy schedule. We were going to RV across Canada and take a real vacation for the first time in over 25 years for me and the first time ever for Don. Little did we know where it would take us.

The Pod

Our apple orchard

The first step was to place the possessions we were keeping into storage in Ottawa. We rented a Pod and began packing. Delivering a huge box to a rural address must be the nightmare every driver dreads. It had snowed a couple of days before and our driveway was a mess. Poor driver. This was one of his first deliveries ever. He did a great job. The pod was placed just outside my shop. The task of packing organizing and labelling was soon to begin. We had to watch the weight distribution as well as the total weight. Even though this was a large Pod, we weren’t going to be able to fill it full. So many heart wrenching choices had to be made. May was fast approaching. We needed a game plan as we had to turn the house over to the new owner the beginning of May but we weren’t going to head out camping until after the long weekend in May.



  1. Looking forward to hearing the details/seeing the pictures of your voyage across the country to your new home.

  2. Exciting story. Only the beginning too. Would love to hear some of your weaving history as well when you are up to date with this part of your journey.

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