Morrisburg to St. Peter Provincial Park

Morrisburg to St. Peter Provincial Park

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Set up at Cedars, Morrisburg, Ontario

Our Journey Begins.

The first leg of our journey begins. As of the beginning of May we were officially homeless. What a strange feeling. One moment you feel weightless as there is no responsibility hanging over your head and the next there is this deep fear of not having a roof over you head. All familiarity is lost.

Campsites don’t open until the weekend before the the long weekend in May so we booked a couple of weeks at the Macintosh Inn in Morrisburg. We drove our RV to Morrisburg and parked it in the parking lot. (we weren’t the only ones)  We are grateful to the Inn for providing us with a lovely large room. They even gave us a personal microwave since we were going to stay for a long while. This certainly cut down on our meal expenses. Still, it isn’t much fun living in a hotel. The novelty wears off quickly.

Ault Island – near Cedars

Stream near campsite, Morrisburg, On

At last we were on our way.

We had booked all our stays in provincial parks across Canada before hand. With it being Canada’s 150th and there usually being limited spaces for larger campers we thought it would be best to book ahead. Spring floods did affect our itinerary however. Bonnechere was flooded out so we had to make a change to St. Peter Provincial Park instead and re-arrange the dates. That meant staying at Cedars Campground until after the long weekend. A little bit of a set back but it gave us some time to repack the RV and check our road maps.

We were anxious to get underway. We finally hit the road May 23rd at 9:30 am. I still get excited when I think of it. However I wasn’t driving. Don was a little bit on the nervous side. It would be a day or so before we were out of familiar territory. GPS and maps were ready. We took 100’s photos along the way. 99% of them were taken from the truck as we drove so please forgive the occasional dash or mirror in the pictures.

My favorite little church.

Merrickville, On



These were taken around Merrickville, Ontario.





Fresh air and beautiful scenery.

The topography started to change around Kaladar. Many more rolling hills and some rock cuts on the highway.

Notice the drill up on the hillside.






Lake St. Peter Provincial Park.

We finally arrived at Lake St. Peter Provincial Park after many stops along the highway due to construction. Hello mosquitoes!

Lake St. Peter Provincial Park.

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